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Air Liquide Industrial Gas

air-liquide banks & argon/CO2 mix air-liquide oxygen and acetylene chained on a trolley with regulators, flashbacks, hoses and cutting lamp attached.

For over 100 years, the gases used for welding have been at the core of Air Liquide's offerings. Over time, their technologies and knowledge have evolved to meet the changing needs of consumers. Continually adapting gas solutions to meet the challenges of metal fabrication and assembly manufacturing processes. Air Liquide has all-in-one solutions that combine gas, process expertise, and application technologies with a commitment to performance. Their solutions are designed to optimize welding quality and costs through the use of a combination of inert gases (argon, helium or a mixture of both).

We Stock

  • Weldmix 8 L47 @ 200bar
  • Weldmix 5 L10 @ 200bar
  • Pure argon L47 & L10 @ 200bar
  • Acetylene L50 & L10
  • Oxygen L47 & L10 @ 200bar
  • Oxygen Banks
  • Nitrogen L47 @ 200bar

Rent Free Welding Gas

Hobbyweld rent free oxygen, pure argon and 5% argon/CO2 mix in both 9 liter and 2 liter cylinders


Many gas users do not require their cylinder/s every week of the year and understandably do not want the expenditure of a monthly rental for a cylinder that is not being used regularly. Hobbyweld provides the solution and it could not be easier. With Hobbyweld rent free gas cylinders, you can take advantage of high-quality gases in various refillable cylinders sizes. Its simple pay a one off, refundable* deposit and gas fill for your first cylinder, keep it for as long as you need and then refill it as often or as little as you need.

*a small administration charge is deducted from each deposit.

We Stock

  • 9ltr 5% Argon/CO2 mix @ 137bar
  • 20ltr 5% Argon/CO2 mix @ 230bar
  • 20ltr 15% Argon/CO2 mix @ 230bar
  • 9ltr Pure Argon @ 137bar
  • 20ltr Pure Argon @ 230bar
  • 9ltr Oxygen @ 137bar
  • 20ltr Oxygen @ 230bar
ALbee rent free pure argon, 5% CO2/argon mix, oxygen and acetylene cylinders


ALbee, Air Liquide’s line of portable, lightweight, rental-free gas cylinders for craftsmen and light professionals, are easy to use and easy to buy. After purchasing a cylinder, you need only to pay to exchange your empty cylinder for a full one, eliminating the hassle and expense of rental gas cylinders, saving you time and money. Featuring an ergonomic cap featuring a built-in regulator, ON/OFF lever, flow-rate wheel, content gauge, and easy connection, ALbee helps you work faster and provides increased mobility with better results.

We Stock

  • 11ltr Pure Argon @ 200bar
  • 11ltr 5% argon/CO2 @ 200bar
  • 11ltr Oxygen @ 200bar
  • Acetylene 10ltr

Propane, Butane and Leisure Gas

Flogas propane cylinders in 47kg, 19kg, 6kg, 3.9kg and 18FLT cylinders


Propane has a lower boiling point, making it more suitable for outdoor storage – and is most commonly used for central heating, cooking, transport and commercial operations.

Propane For Cutting

Propane does not burn as hot as acetylene in its inner cone, and so it is rarely used for welding. Propane, however, has a very high number of BTUs per cubic foot in its outer cone, and so with the right torch (injector style) can make a faster and cleaner cut than acetylene, and is much more useful for heating and bending than acetylene. The maximum neutral flame temperature of propane in oxygen is 2,822 °C (5,112 °F). Propane is cheaper than acetylene and easier to transport

We Stock

  • 47kg
  • 19kg
  • 6kg
  • 3.9kg
  • 18kg FLT
Flogas butane in 13kg, 7kg and 3.9kg cylinders


What is butane? Butane is also a form of LPG. It has a higher boiling point at -2°C, so is better suited to indoor use, and fuelling appliances like portable gas heaters and single-burner cooking stoves. Like propane, butane takes the form of a gas, so needs to be liquefied for storage.

We Stock

  • 13kg
  • 7kg
  • 3.9kg

Leisure Gas

Flogas leisure 11kg & 6kg cylinders

Leisure Gas for Barbecue and patio heaters.

We Stock

  • 6kg
  • 11kg