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Fronius TransPocket 180

Fronius TransPocket 180

The new generation of TransPocket 180 devices brings a high degree of flexibility. The integrated PFC (Power Factor Correction) technology supports the use of extremely long mains leads of up to 100 m in length. The operating concept has also become even more intuitive. A 7-segment display makes it possible to quickly read off the parameters that have been configured. In addition, the display is slightly set back and therefore well protected against damage. Easily comprehensible setup settings are a tremendous help in simplifying operation.

Fronius AccuPocket 150, battery powered welder with charger

Fronius Accupocket 150

With the AccuPocket, access to mains electricity is no longer necessary. Welding tasks involving up to eight 3.25 mm or up to eighteen 2.5 mm electrodes can be carried out autonomously. A small, compact 2 kVA generator is sufficient for welding applications on a larger scale. And all without any restrictions on welding power or the quality of the arc. The very latest functional design, with dimensions reduced to a minimum, a low weight and a robust construction, make AccuPocket the perfect partner on any construction site.



Equipped with the latest electronic technologies, the GYSMI 160P ensures professional welding on steel, cast iron and stainless steel up to 10 mm thick (electrodes from Ø 1.6 to 4 mm). Advanced inverter technology provides the following features, Hot Start, Anti Sticking, Arc Force.

GYS GYSMI E200 FV flexible voltage MMA welder


Advanced 200A MMA Inverter. Flexible voltage to operate on 230V and 110V Can weld up to 5.0mm electrodes. Can weld 3.2mm electrodes on 110V. Digital control panel. Many advanced features including PFC which with the Flexible Voltage allows use of long extension leads and generators, TIG Lift, Automatic down slope, Hot Start, Anti-sticking and Arc Force Technology.

  • Welding current / Duty cycle [10min/40°C] 60% @ 120A
  • Lift start TIG with automatic arc release
  • 1.6mm to 5.0mm electrodes
  • Lift start TIG with automatic arc release
  • Will Still function on standard 230v-16A/110v-20A, even during intensive use with long extension leads(100m)

MMA Welding Electrodes

Esab 46.30 6013 MMA electrodes

ESAB 46.30 6013

These welding electrodes by Esab are a all-round, general purpose rutile electrode for thin and medium thick plates. Good striking and restriking properties, suitable for tack welding. Useful for bridging gaps.

We Stock

  • 2.5mm x 350mm
  • 3.2mm x350mm
  • 4.0mm x 450mm
  • 5kg packs or 15kg cartons
MWA MMA electrodes, cast iron electrodes, special steel electrodes, hard facing electrodes

MWA Electrodes

MWA international have been manufacturing welding rods in the United Kingdom since 1974. With Mac Electrode distributors around the world, MWA continue to provide welding solutions to every type of industry. The MWA range of welding rods symbolize high quality and are sold throughout the world. With over 200 products available all applications can be met.

We Stock A Range of the Following Electrodes

  • Special Steels
  • Stainless Steels
  • Cast Iron
  • Tool and Die Steels
  • Hard Facing
Superon 7018 Electrodes, lohi's/low hydrogen electrodes

Superon 7018 Electrodes

Basic heavy-coated electrode for producing tough and crack free welded joints even on steels having a carbon content up to 0.40%. Good operating characteristics when positional welding. Weld metal has good toughness properties down to –50°C. Ultimate mechanical properties in the E7018-1 group.

We Stock

  • 2.5mm x 350mm 7018
  • 3.2mm x 350mm 7018
  • 4.0mm x 350mm 7018
  • 5kg packets or 20kg cartons

MMA Welding Accessories

MMA & earth/ground leads made to order

Bespoke Welding Leads Made To Order

We can make welding cables up to your specification while you wait or supply all the individual components so you can purchase just what you need.

We Stock

  • Electrode holders
  • Ground clamps
  • Magnetic ground clamps
  • Dinse plugs & sockets
  • 16mm², 25mm², 35mm² 50mm², 70mm², 95mm² welding cable
MMA electrode holders Earth/ground clamps

Duty Cycle Explained

A square style graph demonstrating duty cycle duration

Duty cycle is the term given to the percentage of time when a machine will operate at the set amperage. For example, a particular welding machine may have a duty cycle of 200 Amps @ 60%. This means that for every 10 minutes, the machine works at 200 Amps for about 6 minutes. If you continue to weld past 6 minutes the amperage will drop slightly giving you less power which you will see in the arc as you weld. Duty cycle is not when machine “cuts out”, this cut out will only happen when the machine is to hot and the thermal overload protection has kicked in to prevent the machine from being damaged or catching fire.

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